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if anyone knows the whereabouts of the tape please inform the masses

the charles hainsworth experience

oh sometimes
i wish i was superman
this chord is...
oh no
oh somtimes i wish
i could rescue you from a burning building
while your heart is breaking
and i could hold you so tight
as were flying throught the air
and i run my fingers through your hair
cos i love you and i love you
and i love youuuuuuuu
i wanna be your super hero
and fight off all the bad guys
and beat em up
and punch em in the face
punch em in the face face face
and i wanna hold you so tight
as were flying through the air
this song really sucks
cos its not about pineapple fields
pineapple fields are calling me
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhh
i wanna touch you in your butt

2."this song is called love song
about laura the girl that i love"

hey you
i like your shoes
you're a pretty girl
and you rock my world
oh laura
youre so cute
i like your little patoot
patootypatootypatootypatootypatooty woooooh!!!
oh laura
oh laura
you are so cute
i like you
like you you you you you
your moms coming and
shes trying to ask you a question

3. i think i have cancer
how are you doing jillian
just press the one
just press record

are we recording?"

lets have a dragon war
ive got my charazard
even tho hes not really a dragon
hes a pokemon
but he breathes fire
and hes gonna kick your butt
and hes gonna kick your butt
and hes gonnagonnagonna kick you butt
lalalal doodoodoodoo
gonaa have a dragon war
silly whore
oh laura
why are you wearing those socks
i cant tell what color they are
they could be red
they could be orange
they could be breaking my heart
i dont really konw
and im not really singing good songs
for these chords
and jilians trying to touch my butt
and shes staring at me staring at me
with her little beady eyes
corrie is watching the screen
like a little girl transfixed
by the rays of radiation going into her face

4. cone of power
no no
when im trying to get my point across
i make a little cone with my fingers
and i say the words
and theyre amplified
through the cone through the cone
and they get
the point across
then one dayyyyyyyyy
jilian had to go and fuck my cone
with her litle fingers
these are really bad chords
(why would you play a major
followed by a minor
of the same chord type it sounds wretched)
ohhhhh jillian
she tried to fuck my cone
with her fingers
she just shoved them right on in
like i was just
a big huge community jar of mayonaise
for the taking
and it was really rude
really ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude
really ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

5. urine breath and apple sauce
(tears of joy and sorrow)
theyre gonna sell these songs
on the internet
make lots and lots of $$$$
while im at home crying
i think its prety cool
when she plucks her fingers
on the strings and it makes pretty songs
theyre gonan sell my voice on the internet
for $9.95 a month
with your purchase
you get a life like cardboard cutout
of me in the bathtub
scrubbing my backne
with a wire brush
it feels so good
its all that i can feel
cos my feelings are gone
because they sold my voice
they sold it on the internet
the internet
sold my voice
i am really saaaaaaaahaaaaaad
were back to the finger plucking part
this is the part where you cry tears of joy
...and sorrow

6. shrieking in the wheel
oh late at night
when all the hookers
and the pimps are sleeping
im cleaning sheets
and listening to dashboard
and weeping
oh its so sad
but the money is alright
i wear these rubber gloves
so i dont get venereal diseases
and i always make sure
that the door is locked
because one time
because one time
this woman broke in
and drank my waffele mix
when the laundrys done
i go deliver the newspapers
and set up breakfast
and lick the cinnaman rolls
at least one or two
and i giggggle
ohh i hate my
and i dont know
why theyre laughing
at the computer screen
but i am sure
its really funny
kind of like myyyyyyy life

except my life is funny in
a sad sick way and what they
are laughing at is funy in
the ha ha way so its kind of

7. r0b0t sleepz0rz
five four three two one zero
i have to sleep
in my bed at night
i have to recharge my ciruits
in the outlets
i neeeed
to sleeeeep
help me
help me
i think about you when i dream
i love you
help me
i dont know what else to sing
so im gonna make it up as i go
when i sleep
i never dream
even tho i already said i did dream
oh no
save me
ima robot

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