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i can feed you pudding

even with no hands

The Experience Charles Project
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this community is for the art of and inspired by Charles Hainsworth. (beefcakemalone)

feel free to use any photo/quote/experience of Charles Hainsworth you may have.

stock photos will be posted on the first entry.

action man, americinn, anorexia, beefcake malone, bowl ears, charles, charles hainsworth, charlie, chaz, chizzy, chizzy mcd, chuckles, chucky, colin, conversion vans, crying, greyhounds, harmonizing with jeff mangum, hermie hainsworth, knife fights, maria, microdemon, parliament, pho, pudding, robots, sad old men, sandels in winter, shitstorm, sloth running, sloth walking, sloths, smash tv, st. cloud, stroganoff, synthesizers, the charles hainsworth experience, the slothmobile, zombies